SPOTTED: Donna Richardson Working Those Boots!!

A couple of days ago, I made a post about thigh high boots and how they can be worn with a mini dress. Well, today I came across a picture of that example. Last night while attending the Oprah Winfrey Celebration for Susan Taylor's 37 years with Essence, Donna Richardson (Tom Joyner's better half) was SPOTTED in a retro inspired dress and boots up to her thighs. The boots have a nice sparkle to them and they actually look very good on her. Great choice Donna!!! You know what guys, I just realized that Donna has on thigh highs with all black satin pumps!! No thigh high boots here, but oh well, if they were boots you would still have the same visual effect. LOL! If you'd like to know where to get some interesting thigh high stockings click here.


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