Teirra Marie Is That You??

I have never quite seen the accessories that she is wearing (winged gloves, sheer stirrup stockings with thick piping down the sides and sandals) put together quite like this, but I guess I can give her stylist an "A" for Being Different? The eye makeup certainly matches, but I would say this look would be more appropriate in a video or somewhere else. Love the outfit, love the stockings, love the gloves, could maybe even agree with the choice of drawstring ponytail, BUT - the shoes and eye makeup SCREAM, youngster with very little sophistication or know about putting things together. Sorry..........just my opinion. What do you think?


  1. WOW! Its a good thing I like to go back thru your blog for things I might have missed. This screams teeny bopper playing dress-up. I love Teirra Marie and miss her songs. But she need to go back into hiding or the studio and get some serious styling help! Two thumbs Down. Kristi.


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