Juicy Couture has a Juicy Spring Ahead!!

Juicy Couture is well known SoCal brand, notorized for their velour jogging suits. Juicy has a memorable way of branding and implementing their fashion into the stores and markets that matter the most to a consumer. You did know, that whether or not a consumer purchases a certain brand is based upon: who knows about the brand, what brand can sit next to it in a store, how does the brand compare to other brands, etc? When I walk into the Circle Centre Mall, Nordstrom in downtown Indianapolis, the Juicy Couture jewelry section is the first stop that I made. There was a table top display and a counter top display, among Juicy signage that grabbed my attention. As I approached the handbag section, Juicy bags, popped off the shelves and stood out (like a sore thumb) amongst, LAMB, Marc by Marc, Coach, and others. WOW! (my thoughts) Juicy is really here to compete. Since, I normally think of Juicy from a casual wear and accessory brand perspective, when I discovered some looks and pieces from their Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection, that differentiated from the norm, Juicy had me HOOKED!! See, some of the Juicy Couture, smoked salmon below. Get with me, NOTONIK your personal shopper/stylist extraordinaire at Notonik with Notable Styles & More.


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