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Zoe Saldana Wants Sergios Back!

I recently read in People Magazine what one thing from fashion Zoe Saldana would bring back if she had a chance. To the contrary of the hundreds of denim brands out there, Zoe said she would bring back good ole' Sergio Valente jeans. I read this statement and thought to myself, Zoe, you're right. And where have they gone? Let's see, I couldn't find one retailer of the jean online outside of ebay. And I remember, I owned a pair back in the late 90's that had the BEST fit a jean could ever have. I also, had a a two piece fitted skirt with a tube top in denim by the brand that hugged in ALL of the right places.
Let's rebirth the brand ourselves. I will be the creative director and you the spokesmodel. With your star power we will have Sergio's back on the scene, in no time. Contact me


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