Drew Barrymore Looks: Green Light/Red Light

BUZZZ, all about the net is that Drew Barrymore pulled two very "bad" looks within the past week, whilst out promoting her new movie. As a fashion stylist, I wonder do these spectators realize that fashion is only partially about whether or not someone else actually likes what you wear. As a matter of fact, as a celebrity or anyone else for that matter, you don't have to care what your audience thinks AT ALL about your fashion choices.
REITERATION: Fashion is a personal expression of how you are feeling, what message you would like to convey and the mood that you are in.
What do you think about Drew's looks Notable Styles Readers? Are they a Green Light (Go, forward fashionista) or a Red Light (Stop, no entry will be allowed). My vote is Green and Green!


  1. I think definitely RED LIGHT for #1, but #2 is a GREEN LIGHT (LIGHT GREEN), she needs a little color somewhere on her body!! :-)


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