An Eco Friendly Clutch!

First of all, Im SO LATE on this post today, that I feel a little jumbled about having to alter my post time. But all is well, and if you cant adapt to change, then, what can you do? Anyway, this is Earth Week, a national awareness week of all things that you can do to preserve and conserve the earth. This awareness spans across ALL industries, automotive, apparel and accessories, manufacturing, etc. There is a Mad Imports clutch that I would like to show you. This clutch is earth friendly. I like this clutch because it comes in 2 different colors. One with muted color (Espresso) and one with color that pops (Purple Combo)! This clutch is woven and price points at $80.00. Contact Notable Styles & More Services for more details.

Budgetista Tip: If you happen to find a woven clutch that you like in B+ or better condition in the vintage store, consignment shop or Goodwillesque type stores, get it. It will be substantially cheaper and a good steal. A way to be in fashion, for a low fashion price.


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