Topshop in NYC!!

Topshop is a boutique for men (Topman) and women, that has only been accessible (prior) to those whom travel to London. But, as of April 2, 2009, they are NOW in NYC!! And of course, the drones of people waiting inline to go inside were of enormous quantities.
Photo courtesy of hypebeast
Although, the unique euro style and the endless options is a MAJOR addition to the NYC fashion scene, those two things alone are not ALL this store is standing out for. Topshop had several of their Oxford flagship store employees flown in to assist with the NYC opening and these Topshop gems also double as style advisors to those customers who set appointments. Topshop's product can be overwhelming, so they have put the Topshop Experts in place to help guide the shopper, expand the shoppers wardrobe and personal style. View the Topshop video below: Topshop NYC 478 Broadway (Broome) Soho New York New York, New York 10013 Links to other Topshop posts.


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