The Dream & Keri Hilson - SOLD OUT!!!

The Dream and Keri Hilson are on their theatre tour run and have thus far created major buzz with high-powered performances and live bands that bring the music to your seat. Sunday, May 16th, 2009 was their Indianapolis date to play the Vogue Theatre in Broad Ripple. And yes, the subject of this post is correct, COMPLETELY SOLD OUT, day of show. Vogue Theatre is normally reserved to eccentric crowds and concerts, hosting to an R&B market about 4 to 5 times a year max. But this particular crowd, vibe and atmosphere was an urban/R&B suite (if you will) on a nice and sunny day. From what I have gathered, the end result of this concert was GOOD & GREAT!! Check Keri Hilson and The Dream's remaining concert line-up out in a city near you. Links to Keri and The Dream.


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