Halle Berry: Beauty, Body and Bills!!!!

Halle Berry is today's NOTABLE INSPIRATION!! This photograph of her at the Wolverine Premiere is astounding! She is wearing a Herve L. Leroux dress, with $450 Camilla Skovgaard Barbero strappy heels. Halle Berry, is a very beautiful person. Representing a portion of her audience, I am privileged to observe her age, naturally and gracefully. She maintains a well kept figure, for her health, herself and her career and was the first African American woman to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2001.

Photo courtesy of http://omg.yahoo.com/photos/2-hot-2-handle/2872

When in need of a role model or even an example of overachievers that have come before yourself, read Halle's Bio, follow in her footsteps and be a trailblazer for those that may walk after you.


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