Happy Father's Day!!!!

Father's Day Comments from Dolliecrave.com

Take the time to thank the father figure in your life today. It could be your father, your mother, your coach, a big brother or whomever. Appreciate the person that has given you guidance and love through the years.

Women and significant others, if you know a man that has been a provider, caretaker and leader for their child/children, remember to show them your appreciation, as well.

Daddy - Beyonce

If your father or father figure is no longer here with us, on earth, still take time to appreciate him in spirit, with your memories, pictures and thoughts. They are still watching over you.

Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross

If your father or father figure has not been everything that he could be, continue to pray that he may come into a season of fatherly love and sacrifice. And if you have hard feelings toward him for any reason, also pray that those feelings be removed.


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