Notable Cause: Single Payer Health Care!!

Single payer health care is a term used in the United States to describe the payment of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers from a single fund. It differs from typical private health insurance where, pricing and other measures taken by the insurer, determine how much the doctor, hospital and other health care provider will be paid.

The United States is in the process of trying to pass a bill that would give American citizens this single payer type of health care. In doing so, it would allow people a chance to receive the exact same health care service as a person with less or more income as them. It would no longer be based on the private insurance package that you can afford, therefore eliminating a doctor wanting to take care of a patient, less or more based on insurance.

If you would like to support the Single Payer Health Care cause, go to the link provided Enter the required information along, with your living state and sign the petition.


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