Notable One: The Truth About Michael Jackson! RIP Michael J.

Would you like to know the truth about Michael Jackson? Well, Of Course!!! He was a World Icon. He crossed barriers and moved mountains that most people couldn't even imagine moving. But do you know why?? Because he was SUPER talented, creative, a great coordinator, dancer, innovator and person.

You have to be FULLY dedicated to your future and your craft to accomplish the things that Michael Jackson, has. I feel love for Michael, his family and his fans, I adored almost everything that he did. And, as most icons they did not have to go against the attack from the media and scrutiny that followed him, (like that of Obama) but Michael did and Michael survived.

He took care of a large family with a heart of gold and he lead a life that should be an example to ALL. Do what you have to do, for you and yours, but remember outside of that sacrifice, you have the right to always be yourself, despite what others say about you.

At the time of Michael's death, he still had an innocence about him that was beyond that of any human that had been exposed to the ways of the western world and for that, humility, honesty and love that I saw in him, I will forever be a Michael Jackson fan.

For more information on Michael Jackson's Discography click here.


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  2. I cant stop crying! MIke Touched THE WORLD...NOW HE CAN TOUCH THE SKY!!!! THANK YOU MIKE FOR LEAVING ME WITH THE SONGS, THE DANCES AND THE VIDEOS. THANK YOU FOR LEAVING ME WITH THESE VISIONS OF WHAT IS POSSIBLE NOW THAT YOU ARE IN HEAVEN!! THAT ALONE WILL BE YOUR VBLOG TO ME WHEN I SLEEP!! I see you on stage with those white socks and that, I see you on the Soul Train as a KID just doin it up man! I see you on that album with that tiger! I see you leanin like a smooth criminal! Black or White, Man in the Mirror, Scream, Leave Me Alone, Thriller, The Girl Is Mine, The Wiz! GOSH MIKE, how can you make me cry like this?!! I ask this question but I know the answer. We Are The World..and I am ONE of BILLIONS that are Dangerous-ly in love with your ability to be Bad but yet SOOOO DAMN GOOD!! YOU THRILLED ME SO MANY TIMES And I know you'll always BE THERE!! You dont have to walk on the moon anymore!! YOU'RE BIGGER THAN THAT!! SHIT MAN, you're bigger than THIS!! This here....what you left with me, is NOTHING compared to what you left with this world!! WE OWE YOU SO MUCH THAT WE CANT EVEN REPAY if we tried. So many failed you but you STILL gave and STILL came, AND STILL LOVED!! GO AHEAD MAN....POINT YOUR TOE, HOLD YOUR CROUCH, PUT THE GLOVE IN THE AIR AND SCREAM ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE CLOUDS!! We Hear Ya!!

    I love you MIKE!! I REALLY DO!!!


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