Pac Man Jones: Not Newsworthy but Interesting....

I believe that the following clip was not produced in a very newsworthy or credible fashion, especially to be a story that airs on a national sports channel such as ESPN. I think that the news media gossips somewhat too much and deviates away from informing the public of the information that it needs to know. This clip includes a little bit too much info on people and activities taking place that is entirely unnecessary.

Often times too much information is released by the media and seems to be motivated by one of three things: a play to obtain ratings, to destroy characters or to understand a specific public figures ways of life.

In any case, I do not think showing a clip like the one below is acceptable or necessary to cover the Pac Man Jones legal situation and or his sports career. What do you think? (video included) Visit the blog to see it if you can not here.


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