Notable Cause: Diabetes Care in America!

A good friend of mine, Anarnia Hunt, decided to share her journey as a diabetic with the world via DLife. Since her diagnosis of the disease diabetes, her life has been anything, but uneventful. Mrs. Hunt has laid to rest her mother, married the apple of her eye, successfully given birth to a daughter, all the while battling with diabetes. Mrs. Hunt's story is like many others as well as indifferent. Due to not having any health care insurance and an average annual income, she rarely has the financial means to upkeep her diabetes medicines. Anarnia knows that she is not the only person out there with this story but her willingness to share could possibly mobilize (or at the least inform) influential people in the right places, that may help make resources more readily available for those in need. As a reader, if you do not do anything else, stand up and do something about the causes that are important to you and the people that you know and love. View the DLife video segment below.


  1. Wow, that is a very interesting video! Thanks for posting it.

  2. That's why I am here, Jim. To appease the reader. Thank you for reading!!


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