Who ever coined the phrase "what goes around comes around?" Well, it couldn't be anymore further, from the truth. NOW, only centuries later the famous jeweled bib necklaces once worn by Cleopatra herself have been modernized for today's fashionistas, in a "round" about way.


Can we agree that wearing stones and metals that do not necessarily weigh a ton (but look exquisite) is a fashionably CAPTIVATING move? Of Course!

An effortlessly shiek accessory to add to your everyday wear lineup are bib necklaces. In unison say, "Conversation Piece!" Here are a couple of styles to get your creative juices flowing...

Metallic Flower Bib Necklace
Urban Outfitters
Price - $48.00

Millies Eating Contest Bib Necklace
Rachel Leigh
Price - $188.00

Contributing Writer: Leona Benjamin


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