Copping the Balmain Military Jackets!

Source of pic above: Bazaar UK
There are more than a few Balmain Military Jacket inspired look-a-likes that will look good on you for Fall of 2009, the Plan B's may look just as well, if not BETTER to your finances...(a lot cheaper than Balmain).

Beyonce wearing her Balmain.
Balmain was a go to style for Bey this Spring, I wonder will she bust into the scene with the quilted Fall version? Oh well, Rihanna's already worn it, sorry B (see the Peak Shoulder leather jacket below)

Balmain Military Diamond Encrusted Jacket
Price - $3633.50
or $11,410 (conflicting info on the web)

Alice + Olivia
Price - $440

Rihanna in her Balmain Denim Military Style Jacket
Price - $5075
is NOW $2842

Balmain Quilted Leather Chain Adorned Jacket
Price - $13,395

Which fashionable figure wore the Balmain look below?
Rihanna or Beyonce?
Leave your responses in the comments field.


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