Fashion History on Display at the IMA!

The Indianapolis Museum of Art has a Textile & Fashion Art Exhibit, that displays very nice pieces of a few well known designers (and some less known) for everyone to see. I have yet to visit this exhibit in person, but I have heard that it is extraordinary. I have uploaded a few pictures of the Notable creations on display and will also give you a link to follow if you would like more information.
Norman Norrel
Creation date - 1956
(a) dress: silk jersey, sequins; (b) coat: vicuna wool, silk lining, sequins "This made-to-order ensemble's sparkling and form-fitting evening gown is a Norman Norell signature design known as a "mermaid dress." Born in Noblesville, Indiana,......." (click the excerpt for more info)

Franco Moschino
Creation date - 1991
wool (46%), acrylic (44%), silk (10%) also other synthetics, metal and plastic Italian designer, 1950-1994 (click the link for more info)

Rudi Gernreich
Creation date - 1968
wool and vinyl insert
American designer, 1922- (click the link for more info)

Christian Dior (designer)
Creation date 1956
silk chiffon
"This semiformal evening dress is a classic example of the work of Dior, who considered couture no less an art than architecture or painting." (click the excerpt for more info)


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