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Okay, bargain shoppers, Rainbow is a decent place to shop on a budget for trendy items and quick draw pieces. Rainbow is guaranteed to provide you with a decent selection of items and the latest trends, for a very acceptable price.

BUT, beware of a few things when you shop in this chain. A realistic assessment of what you are buying will boil down to three things: Shelf life of the item, quality of the item and how the item feels when you wear it.

Shelf Life
How long has this item been in inventory? Check the item color out from the top all of the way down to the bottom hem. Is there any discoloration? If so, it has probably been in inventory too long. Search for another choice.

Check for all of the buttons, clasps, zippers, seam thread, straps and rack location to rate quality. Most good quality items in Rainbow do not go to the Clearance Rack. Also, if this item is too good to be true for $5, it probably could well be, too tight, or uncomfortable when you get it home.

How Does It Feel On?
Some of the textiles used in Rainbow clothing, feel like sandpaper. They are hard, rough, have a wrinkle factor of 100, and just not much fabric give, at all. In this case, select a different item. An item that is too wrinkled means it's either linen or is probably going to smother your skin once you wear it and wash it. And in this case you always want to go up a size, in linen or silk chiffon, if you do want the piece. Also, their cotton shirts, dresses, a-line skirts or rayon tops, might feel a little rough or hard. In this case, expect to get one or two wears out of these items. does offer, decent quick selections, for the trendy, shopper, who really doesn't mind sacrificing quality for price and needs something in a hurry. But if you would like a better quality product, you may want to try Old Navy, Gap Clearance Racks, H&M, Forever 21, Max Rave, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, department store clearance racks and NY & Co Sales, for the same bargain prices with a LOT better quality.


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