Culture & Class Event at Cloud 9 ToNight!! Something New and Something True!

Click the flyer or this link (facebook readers) to enlarge the image for complete details.

I am hoping that this event tonight at Cloud 9 ends up being "something new" and "something true". My idea of poets/poetesses, a live band, hip hop artists, a fashion show and after party with one of the best deejays in the city sounds pretty DOPE to me.

Remember, Love Jones, and Lorenz Tates rendition of Brotha to the Night? See the video below.
VIBE Love Jones Clip "Brotha to the Night"

Love Jones Clip Link (facebook users)

And most of you already are familiar with Cloud 9. How often does it lend it's nice, large, exotic atmosphere to an event such as this? Uh-NEVER! LOL! A lovely reason to attend an experience what it can offer to a more cultured event.
Link to C9

Rhymefest - Grammy Award Winner alongside Kanye West for Jesus Walks
Malik Yusef - Former band mate of the Roots and hopefully you know how they get down
Brittany Street - I hear she is devastating on the mic
Taquisha Moneque - I heard this young lady at the Wes Montgomery Community Event and her words and storytelling had MANY snapping in the park.
Fighting Words - Has a way of mixing the backsounds of harmonies in with the poetry, that takes you to the place of a live performance done by Erykah Badu or Jill Scott.
An'nem - The nicest band that I have heard in a long time. - Does his thing, he is thought provoking and entertaining.
Trillogy with Tweez - Has been in the game awhile and would love to take us to the "Top of the World" with their slick lyrics and top notch beats and production.
Allen Imagery - Is very fluent in his hosting and keeping a tempo
DJ Limelight - Mixes the best tunes to mesmerize crowds from rumpshaking party kids to established professionals.

This event is hosting itself to a lot of firsts and if we would like to see more events like this in our city, I think we should all go out and support it and give ourselves a chance to experience "something new" and "something true"! I know that I am!!


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