Jay-Z's Charity Concert at Madison Square Garden!

I watched this event from beginning to end and I must say, although it followed the Blueprint of the concert shown during Jay-Z's film Fade To Black, this was by FAR the MOST IMPRESSIVE: lineup of performances, song selections, lighting, and wardrobing, that I have ever seen!!

I would like to THANK Jay-Z (thank you, thank you, you are far to kind-lol) for bringing so many of my favorite artists together in one place, on one stage and making it available on television.

Fuse.tv will be re-airing this concert on Sunday, September 13th, 2009 at 5pm and 12am EST!

Per the fabulous June Ambrose, Mary's jacket was Alexander Wang and her boots were Catharine Malandrino - SMOKING!!!
More from June, has said, that Jay-Z's pants were custom designed by herself! Work it JA, the pants were NICE!!

Other artists that performed (not pictured above) are Pharrell and Swizz Beats!
Photo Source: Concrete Loop and Fuse.tv.


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