Only Worthy Fashionable VMA News......

Who wore it better???
Leave comments!! Ciao!!
Not So Fashionable
  1. Kanye's Outburst in which he did later apologize (should work well for Amber Rose's career though)
  2. His Hennessy bottle (why not, Weezy carries around his lean cup, hmmm)
  3. No Rihanna, to inspire the fashion in me
  4. Lil Mama getting on stage while Hov and A. Keys, performed New York - WHAT??!
For The Creative Spirit

Lady Gaga's outfit and performance

For The Love Of Music

  1. Tribute to Michael Jackson featuring Janet Jackson
  2. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance
  3. Katy Perry's Intro
  4. Beyonce's Performance and appreciation for Taylor Swift
  5. Trailor viewing for Michael Jackson's This Is It Movie


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