Patricia Field Calls It A Onesie, Hmmmm....

Earlier this week I made a post educating gentlemen on - what a bodysuit is and requesting that they do not call them, onesies, lol. Link here. Since then, I have discovered that Patricia Field, faithfully calls these one pieces, onesies. As seen here on her site. Do you know who Patricia Field is? Briefly, she is the uber popular, great and talented stylist of the Sex And The City (sitcom and movie), The Devil Wears Prada (movie) and Ugly Betty (sitcom). Google her, for more information.

Does that change my mind about the terminology? No. Patricia Field gets a pass, because she is not calling, this piece of fashion, a onesie out of ignorance, there is probably a creative reason behind it. I believe that a tricked out bodysuit called a "onesie" is a lot more marketable, than calling it a bodysuit.

But my opinion still stands, guys when referencing this piece, I would love to hear, bodysuit, fall from your lips. Ciao!


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