Skull Series: Earrings With Table Manners!!

Skull Series, will be a series of posts that highlight very fashionable items (not only apparel and accessories) that have skulls on or related to them, etc. If you feel a little iffy about wearing skulls, do not fret, a skull image can only take on a meaning that you allow it to have. If you need a reason, Halloween is approaching, when skulls are often flaunted. Also, in this case it's more art than goth, so please do not feel pressured to alter your beliefs.

Alexander McQueen is known for his creative, artistic, innovative, semi-risky designs. But I have not seen a designer as successful as him, at having people accept eccentric design. I present Fork and Spoon Drop Earrings, in solid brass and dark silver.

Price - $295. The design work put into these is very intricate. Don't you agree?

Check out the logos.

I must warn you, I would not try to eat with these beautifully designed earrings, they are for viewing and wearing purposes only!


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