Steal From The Rich MixTape!

Steal From The Rich is a FREE mixtape download that could have very well gone to retail, because the quality is optimum and the taste level is perfect! The product was signed by Dope Couture, sealed and delivered by CMART and with the audio refinement done by Nightsons. The music on this cd, is good. BELIEVE ME! The lyricist is with some nice features from other rappers. My favorite songs of the 12 are (wait how many can I select?) All I Need (feat. Ryhmefest), Kelley's Song (feat. Naledge), Kicks Du Jour (feat. C-Ray), Listen (feat. Jeremiah Cosner), Lost and P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens). This cd has marinated in my iTunes library since the day of its release about a month ago and as I listened to it again today, it feels genuine and fresh and sounds like well produced music by good people. Download your copy here, Indiana is in the Building!! Connect with peeps at the addresses below: Nightsons on twitter | Alphaisforever on twitter Matt from Dope Couture on twitter


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