BANGER!! Forever - Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne and Eminem

I could probably run a marathon to this song, it gets me so hype. From verse 1 to 4, it is like the rappers just get better and better. As discussed with one of my friends, Em is not telling a story in his verse, okay? He's talking about what? You Don't Know? And? He is fluently talking sh*t to me about he good he is and how everybody thought he was a hoax, but he obviously isn't and that sounds good to me.

But this is everyone's niche to me on this song.

Drake - Rapping and singing the hook +1
Kanye - Rapping, including references that most Americans can relate to +1
Lil Wayne - Rapping (King of making regular talk so fluent, you want to memorize it) and the beat break drop changes, giving him a rhythm change up + 2.75
Eminem - Rapping (switches the entire flow rhythm up to a pattern not heard on the song) and speaks in political, everyday, horror and hood references, + 4.

Im jussayin!

Link to video.


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