Dope Couture and H-O-V!

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Just in time to get me warmed up for the Jay-Z Concert in Champagne, IL, (next month) the Dopest Designers that I know "personally" make a sharp discovery and notify me via newsletter. Jay-Z performing and wearing their Maison Martin Margiela, inspired, Smoke Me Im Dope, tee.

Their branding moves are extraordinary and come off effortless as making grilled cheese is. Although, I know their moves are far from effortless, Dope's guys just make it seem that way. I have been observing the brand from afar and see how strategic the designs, colorways, manufacturing and placement, actually are.

I LOVE Matt and his Dope Operation and people who support their movement, Straight outta ....... Indiana (not Compton) - LOL! To order, click here.

Order every t-shirt, that they have left in your size. Not only will you be supporting a well-ran brand, but you will also be supporting the growth of the Midwest Fashion Movement.


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