Dope Couture: Dopey Tee!!!

Dope C, has presented another Limited Edition tee, as they are celebrating the recognition of two celebs wearing their product within the past 45-50 days, Fame is a Drug Tee (Drake and Trey Songz - Successful video) and Smoke Me Im Dope Tee (Jay-Z during his BP3 Tour).

Dopey is a mad, crucial concept and has two sets of colorways that are flattering for guys. Available in sizes S through XXL. The price point is on point (no pun intended) at $29. The quantity of the shirts available worldwide make for a very exclusive, Dope Couture Tee Club. You could be a member of The Dope Couture Tee Club (if you would like) and you would easily be considered within 6 degrees of separation of a celebrity. Now, that is fashionable, social networking.

Click here to purchase. BUY these shirts gentlemen. Don't miss out! If you would like to buy them through me, which will save you time and effort, feel free to contact me via gmail here. Dopey Tee will auto populate as the subject header.


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