DVF Fall 2009, 1, 2 PUNCH!!

Diane von Furstenberg is one lady who will forever have a complete collection for us ladies to swoon over (googly eyes). But today, I wanted to hit you with 2, quick looks, that should ignite your fashion engine and keep the creativity pumping and flowing.

1. If you are going to wear, the weather appropriate, jockey/horse rider style leggings, this Fall/Winter, DVF has styled this, in such a way that if you mimic this look, your score will be 40 - Love against Serena......Van Der Woodson in a style match, hahahahaha!

2. Have you ever seen such a sophisticated mix of an animalistic print, with an office/professional style print and suit arrangement? I have not! Tweed slack skinnies and a 3/4 length overcoat? WOW! And ladies, this is the way the office and corporate America welcomes us, in the 21st Century. Hate it or Love it, CEO's....the days of dressing like a newscaster/government officials significant other in the workplace are LONG GONE!!! Accept IT!

Source: Style.com


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