Midwest Fashion Week Finale Show!

The photos directly below are a few of my favorite pics from the designers who showed their collections: Bridal - Antonio Bernett | B Trousseau Couture | Kay Oss Designs | Berny Martin

The Finale Show to Midwest Fashion Week, was as FABULOUS as I expected. The venue was the first thing, that set the mood for a high-powered fashion event and the Scottish Rite Cathedral, did just that. There was a packed house full of important business and fashion industry insiders, as well as valuable media representation, bloggers, VIP's and fashionable spectators. Midwest Fashion Week, LLC has done it ONCE AGAIN (bigger and better than last year) and even will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Autism Society.

I commend Berny Martin for his inspiring actions of putting together and following this Midwest Fashion Week concept from an idea to its fruition. His sponsors have also supported him and the concept throughout this process and I would like to grant my accolades to them, as well.

This year, was the first year that fashion events were held on every day from Wednesday through Saturday. Watch out for this event to be even more grandiose and effective in the years to come and for any sponsorship opportunities, correspondence, designer participation, volunteer participation and or questions for next year, visit the Midwest Fashion Week website.

Conveniently view the entire photo album of the event created by Notable Service at this link.

I have the photographs available in a higher resolution, if you would like to request a copy of one or any of them. Feel free to use the gmail link, on the top, right hand, side of the blog page to contact me.


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