Ralph Lauren Too Thin Model Controversy!!

For more than a few seasons, the topic of models being too thin has been highly publicized from New York to Paris. The industry is pretty split down the middle on whether they agree or disagree with the fact that the images being portrayed on the runways and in advertising is fairly unrealistic.

I myself wouldn't mind seeing Size 4 to Size 6 models (a little more), because I think that is a pretty healthy average (depending on your height), but I would say health should be the deciding factor, not whether or not I can see your clavicle. As for designers, they will need a standard to work from for samples and such, and I think that their size template should not be regulated. WHY, limit creativity?

In recent years an ongoing debate has brewed over advertisers and fashion magazines using photographs, particularly photographs of women, that have seemingly been altered, or "retouched," by airbrushing and photo editing software such as Photoshop. The latest such image to cause an uproar is one featured in a new Ralph Lauren advertisement that shows a model, Filippa Hamilton, so emaciated that her waist actually appears to be smaller than her head. Click here to continue reading the original article.

Source: Shine.yahoo.com
Guest Editor: Simone Alexander


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