Simple, Yet Chic Laptop Bags!

Check out this laptop bag from Urban Outfitters. Bears the highly coveted texture look of the season, quilted fabric, it's black maintaining - a professional feel and it's recession proof Priced at $48.00. What more could we ask for? Want something a little more fun and imported from another state? Try this purple, sparkly, Kitson LA laptop bag. Price - $58. Are you a fan of the backpack style bags? Roxy wired backpack. Price - $49.50. Then, there is always the less is more, laptop sleeve look. Marc by Marc Jacobs Printed Nylon Croc Price - $68. You have to find somewhere else to put your charger :) American Apparel Laptop Bag that can double as a small duffle bag Price - $38. For more product info hit me Via Gmail.


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