Why Paint On a Black Face?

**DISCLAIMER** No this is not politically correct, it may offend, my political connects - Jay-Z song D.O.A

For any reason, entertainment or humor, historic representation or new age implementation, there is NO, capital "N" "O" reason to portray a black face or body, without a black person being involved or better yet, doing the portraying. I do not have any idea, what the thought is behind painting your or someone else's face or body a different color, no matter the color. Whether the color is red, yellow, black or white, it is something that just shouldn't be done. History tells us that the last time a face was painted black, the paintee was shucking and jiving in front of a crowd and being made a fool of, being called a bafoon, baboon and jiggaboo. So why is it now, that non-black people are being painted black, instead of just using a black person? Is that some type of microwave, quick fix idea of a black person? Oh, we don't need a black person, we'll just make one, paint a non-black......black! Genius! What in the world?

The pictures that you just viewed are from the French Vogue. Another sign that mainstream messages are not what they used to be. What do you think?

By the way, models, photographers, movie directors, creative directors and others, it takes more than black face paint, to create a black person. A black person has different features, is packaged in all different shapes and sizes and comes along with the struggles of their ancestors and the successes of their predecessors.


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