Expected Pieces from the Unexpected

For all you foodies and Top Chef groupies (I must confess I am one!) I have a tip for you. Unfortunately, this is not a Bravo Network Top Chef post.....it’s better!

Who knew that the Top Chef famed hostess (and newly expecting mother) Padma Lakshmi had more on her taste buds than the next super gourmet truffle filled, duck fat soaked, asparagus topped cuisine. She currently has her own line of jewelry, which she adorns on the show. Her collection of jewelry combines her Indian culture with a modern flair. Her delicate and super feminine pieces are meant to enhance the enchantment of the female body! I’m feeling girly already! Coinciding with today’s designs that are backless, her collection includes an array of back to front necklaces.

You can find these pieces by visiting her website at www.padmalakshmi.com or visiting your closest Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Mitchells, Richards. Although one of these fine pieces may run you a couple G’s…it’s well worth the investment. Definitely a great find in time for the Holidays!

Guest Contributor: L.B.


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