From I AM SASHA FIERCE to......

Is anyone feeling or not feeling Beyonce's New Look? She wore the outfit below to Rihanna's Party in London on Monday night and the outfit is fine. But what is up with the Halloween eye make-up and lipstick? IAMSASHA Fierce is now IAMSCARY Fierce.

If you read my blog on a regular, you know that I hardly ever commentate about "dis"liking anyone's individual style, but the scary hair and make-up is questionable for Beyonce, maybe it would work better on uhhh....Lady Gaga?

In Bey's defense, she probably has not had many opportunities to experiment and have fun with hair and make up looks outside of her usual Beyonce (Golden Child) image, so I'll give her a get out of jail FREE card this time, issued by the Fashion Police. But if this Tom Foolery continues, I may have to call up the troops. LITERALLY!

Photo Source: B. Scott


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