Jimmy Choo Line in NYC!!

Stay up to date with what's going on at Jimmy Choo in New York City, the doors opened at 10am. Get your fix NOW!!

9:01am: Hello! Got here about five minutes ago and doing recon. The line is halfway down 51st and people have been here since 3am. They're passing out really complicated rules, and they should be handing out wristbands in about twenty minutes.

9:05am: A staffer says that there are plenty of clothes available on the floor, which bodes well for fans of that blue suede one-shouldered dress.

9:07am: Some guy just yelled from a car "What's everyone in line for?" The collective yell from the crowd: "CHOOS!!!"

9:10am: Crowd scan: Lots of boots, which is smart considering this unglamorous weather. Rainboots—the requisite Hunters, Coach, crazy-patterned ones and one pair of Choo Hunter croc patterned boots. Show-off!

9:15am: The line just moved. Not sure why. It stopped but at least I'm under an awning now. A lady exiting the hotel entrance that we're blocking just asked if Jimmy Choo is a man or a woman. Not sure if she's asking about Tamara Mellon or if she's just been living in a bubble for the past ten years.

9:17am: Line just moved again. Pooh! Now I lost the awning cover.

9:20am: Oh my! I think the girls in front of me may have brought their own beverages if you know what I mean. If the red solo frat party cups don't already give it away, one girl pulled a plastic-bag–covered bottle out of her bag and poured some refills. Pretty sure it isn't coffee.

9:23am: Nice! H&M staffers are passing out Krispy Kreme donuts to people in line. They're also passing out 20% off coupons for regular H&M items.

To stay updated on what's going on at H&M on Fifth Ave and 51st St in New York click here.


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