Lifewithoutwax: Im a Polymath

I am a math and science based, fashion loving, engineer degree holding, multi-tasking, Notable Stylistic babe, so when I first read that the blogettes, would be hosting a section called *polymaths on their site, my ears peaked. *I'll let you visit their site to see what a polymath actually is. Working with this company has been a GREAT pleasure and I hope I get an opportunity to work with them again in the future, near future. - Smooches -

Excerpt from my feature article below, click this link for the complete version. It's funny, you should read it.

**Concealing Necessities**

We all for some reason, want to obtain our ideal level of perfection, right? The right physical, mental and spiritual balance. The right color nail polish and the perfect shoe. The perfect gift for your loved one and the right package to present it in. The perfect significant other, who comes along with the perfect background.

But, if everyone’s idea of perfection is different, is there such a thing as perfection? ........ Aiming for perfection that is individually defined is called walking on dead mans cliff (in my opinion), but trying to be respectful and presentable, I think is a concept more people could agree on. Is showing your underwear in public, respectful?


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