Great Buy Fellas If You Are a XL/2XL!!

This jacket has long-sleeves, a zipper and is PERFECT to layer with this winter. As I've stated before, men, you can stretch your wardrobes a whole LOT farther, by acquiring high-end pieces when they are priced less than retail and wear them several different ways.

GF (Gianfranco) Ferre runs slim (has a European cut), and is , similar to an Armani Exchange fit (for reference). The colors in this jacket are known as the colors that most guys like to wear on a regular. The details are in the crest of this jacket. And those details are splendid. I think wearing crests on clothes gives people a sense of being an authoritative figure or at least an added touch of flair. Retail Price is $284 but Current Price is $151. Size available - 2XL or US 46.

For purchase information contact Notable Styles & More via gmail.


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