Juicing, Is Not A Trend!

I don't know the HALF about juicing, so I have been a total procrastinator on starting my raw-food detox diet, which isn't much juicing at all. I guess it's the part of getting healthy that scares me. hunh? Weird, I know. Read, The Raw Food Diet by Natalia Rose.

I have gotten far enough in the Detox Diet program to see that buying a juicer would be beneficial, to offer some variety to the raw foods that are to be eaten. Tired of eating carrot niblets? Throw them in the juicer, to make carrot juice. Variety = Not getting bored on the program.

For other ways to detox, some people use a juice fast program for a few days. FYI - cleaning out our system is PERTINENT ladies and gentleman.

Processed and refined foods (also cigarettes, alcohol) have chemicals (or toxins) within them that our bodies just do not like to handle/breakdown and when those chemicals are not removed they lock and load within our system, as cancer causers, illnesses, ailments, fat deposits, show in our skin and hair production, etc.

Take a look at the detox and juicing concepts further on your own time, you may decide that you want to flush/detox your system (regularly) and then NOT continue to put as much of these unhealthy foods and products back into your system.

This is not a weight motivated post this is a Notable Lifestyle post ;-). Weightloss and glowing skin as well as a better mental capacity are all a part of the benefits.

Amazon.com has a Black & Decker JE1500 Fruit and Vegetable Juicer on sale for $39.99. But juicers range in price from $20 - $300?? So if anyone knows anything about detoxing, the ups and downs, juicing or have insight on what makes a good juicer, weigh in and leave comments on the blog post, facebook or anywhere else that you see this note, I would like to hear from you.


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