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Junior Drake Is No Longer Under My Radar!

Junior Drake has gone from me not knowing who they were to coveting their craftsmanship. This past weekend I was shopping and ran across a small leather purse that had a wrist strap, which is one of the key elements that I was looking for in a small purse. The leather, was so soft, and of such good quality, I fell in love instantly with the small purse - on sight!

Not to mention that the display rack, was full of the same size purse in at least 4 different colors, offering me many options to choose from. I thought to myself, geesh I have to buy at least one of these darlings.

The sales associate commenced to show me, how the purse came with a longer strap inside and that it can be worn like a messenger as well. I said, wow, just what I needed a small purse for necessities only, that can be carried as a clutch or messenger bag. After 15 minutes of trying on all of the colors, some of them more than once, lol, I decided to get the navy blue one and I love it!!

Junior Drake offers purses in a wide range of sizes and colors. Peep the Junior Drake Romance clutch below. And peep Junior Drake website here at this link.


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