Male Dressing For The Holidays!!

Guys, I will not become your worst enemy and say, for New Year's Eve I think you should ALL wear a tux, a complete, full tuxedo! (I personally think New Year's is not the time for it) BUT, I will say that casual wear, uhmmm is NOT acceptable!

New Year's is one of the few holidays that everyone can be traditionally, festive, shiny, sequined down or overly textured, in crushed velvets, suedes, etc. Just over the top period, is what New Years is for ;-).

So, my New Years Holiday Style Motto for you fellas is, Take your style to the next level, if you are going to a Holiday Party. If not, then lounge around in your distressed AG Jeans and a casual button down or a t-shirt, who cares, if you will be at home.

Urban Dressing Man
If you dress in urban wear most of the time, you should try a button up, freshly pressed, with cuff links, shirt out, but not too large, dress pants and nice hard bottom shoe. If you are really feeling it, throw on a textured blazer jacket with it, i.e. corduroy or suede, tuck in the shirt and wear a nice belt. I say no designs or swirly embroidery on any of the apparel, it takes the taste level down a notch. And you go from Holiday event attendee to oh, just another night at the club - BORING.

Casual Dressing Man
If you are a casual dressing man, then why not go for the same look in a less casual fabric? For example, if you like to wear, a polo, and khaki's, then go for a pullover sweater and slacks. The same comfortable fit, but more sophisticated for a holiday type of event. And don't forget the shoes a basic Cole Haan boot from Saks will do.

Professional Dressing Man
If you wear ties, crisp long sleeve button up shirts, suit jackets and pants regularly, then for the holiday, you should wear, a tux. Step it up a notch or try a colored bow tie look. Why not?

Fashionisto Dressing Man
If you normally wear, tapered or straight leg jeans, tight fitted shirts or short length tees, scarves around your neck and love, to get dressed everyday, I would have to recommend that you continue on with the wow factor and mix it up. I say, wear a tux jacket, with satin lapels and a tux pant with side seams that match the lapels, a graphic tee, a crazy, sexy, cool eyeglass frame, i.e. Tom Ford or Versace and for shoes, I'd say a Costume National boot shoe, with suede and leather upper. Now that's a fashionisto improved.

I hope that you all enjoyed the post and if you would like any help with your holiday or daily shopping, get with me Via Gmail or at the link on the side of the blog site in the contact section.


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