Sex And The City 2 Movie Poster!!!

The SATC 2 Movie poster has been released to the public. And yes you've seen it here on Notable Styles. It seems that they are pushing the "Carrie" brand a little harder, this time than I've seen previously and in that sense, I sense Carrie Mania to be on the rise.

But don't be alarmed ladies, although I've caught wind that the wardrobe choices, will be less signature, expensive, luxury apparel (BOOOO - maybe?) and more reflecting of less glamorous choices, i.e the movie poster white dress.

Are they insinuating that Carrie will be wearing, J. Crew instead of Jimmy Choo in this film? I guess that we will have to wait until May 28th, 2010 to see!!!

Also, if you want to get a sneak peak of the storyline click here. I wont force it upon you, but the New York Post does. Ciao!


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  2. Not so much concerned if there will be a lack of high end designer apparel, Patricia Fields has the gift of making anything look fantastic high or low. Even so, with the large amount of Carrie Bradshaw followers, she could put a paper bag on her head and it would be made into fashion the following week. The anticipation for this movie is very exciting.


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