I made a request to GNO, a request for them to tell their story, via the Notable Styles Blog. The story of women coming together in one community, standing for good causes and of course fun. From the outside, looking in, GNO seems like a sorority of sort, started by regular, down to earth, Nuvo and non-alcoholic beverage sipping ladies.

This Girl Crew decided to clique up, while partying and supporting one another, sounds perfect right?

But as time, goes on, GNO is evolving, growing and at a pretty steady pace. They've expanded into providing consistent volunteer efforts and Notable Community Service. It doesn't get any better than this, these girls ROCK!!

GNO Founding Member and CEO Fly Won, will tell you more information about the group, below.

GNO(Girls Night Out)

Fly Won is a Founding Member and CEO
The Board of Directors consists of:
Shani Jones, CIO
Kristie Baker, Vice President
Nicole McCarter, Public Relations
Tiffany Yvonne, CFO
Kesia Malone, Secretary

GNO is a unique and diverse sisterhood made up of mature, open-minded young women from all walks of life, who come together to support one another in an effort to build positive and uplifting relationships through the means of periodic social gatherings, volunteering, and fellowship.

There is nothing needed to "join" GNO per say, we encourage you to attend ANY and ALL events that interest you! We concentrate on building a sisterhood and strengthening our fellow Woman! Girl Power!

All too often females are our own worse enemy, can you even IMAGINE the effect we can have on your community if we join forces? We SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE, and UPLIFT one another!

GNO is a place to congregate where you can feel open as we enforce a STRICT *JUDGE FREE ZONE* Join the Group Page for upcoming events and more information and photos from GNO on Facebook! The group page is Girls Night Out (GNO)

So far we have held social gatherings at:
Midwest Fashion Week
Pole Party
Jewelry Party
Girls Night IN @ The Conrad Hotel Indianapolis, IN

Volunteer Efforts have included:
Mozel Sanders
GNO Adopt a Family
GNO Christmas Toy Drive

Stay Tuned for:
Mechanical Bull Riding
Pamper Party
Shopping Trip
Next Quarter GNI
More Community Service
And MORE!!!

GNO will be celebrating our 1 Yr. Anniversary with a Party on January 29th, 2010! Please join and support us by purchasing tickets ONLINE here. If you are in the city of Indianapolis, you can also pick up tickets at:
Sir Neals Barbershop
4132 N Keystone Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Step It Up
3600 Lafayette Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46222-1109

Picture Perfect Photo Studio
6729 East 38th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46226-5615

We look forward to seeing you there! 10% of EACH ticket will go towards the Relief Efforts in Haiti, also another 10% will go BACK into GNO!!! for future events for all us WOMEN! If you haven't formally met the Board, we will see you at the 1YR ANNIVERSARY PARTY! If you have already supported us in the past we can't wait to see you AGAIN.

Signature Shoes will sponsor a $150 Gift Certificate for the Anniversary Party winner of the "Baddest Boots" contest. Thanks Signature Shoes! And all our Sponsors and Supporters along the way!

Pictures from the Adopt A Family

Contributor: Fly Won
Editor: Notable Styles & More


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