Trey Songz feat. Fabolous - Say Aah Video!!!

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The party jumping, bottle poppin, birthday banger from Trey Songz, "Say Aah" - video was officially released 3 hours ago.

Trey is rocking the average, rocker jean, and vest look, with a beanie hat on his head, that makes him look like the poster child for Magnums (X-X-L), lol! Despite his condom hat look, Tremaine is still hot and this song, still makes me want to Say Ahh, in more ways than one. As Loso says, in the song, "...make you say ahh, just like Im your doctor, all I prescribe is cranberry and vodka..."

Speaking of the co-pilot flying this hit, Fabolous makes the plaid jacket and large frame, blue sunglasses look way TOO NICE!

Check out the video. Leave comments here (feeds) or on the actual blog (link) about what you think.

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Source: HoodTV33


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