Warehouse.co.uk Dress!!

This dress = My style. But the seller does not ship to the the United States. So, Im going to have to find a way to obtain product from their shop despite this logistics breakdown. I can do it, I know I can.

Now on to the dress details. It has an asymmetrical hemline, it's made of 100% soft cotton, with drawstring gathering on one side of the hem and the boat neck collar says, I know my fashion, ohhhh. Showing just the collarbone with no cleavage is the perfect way to be sexy and subtle.

The Front

This piece looks very comfortable and sexy in it's own simple way. It is dark gray so you can punch it up with colorful accessories or keep it monotone, with items from the gray color family.

The Back

This is the perfect item to start with if you want to build a wonderful full outfit around something basic and cute.

Price - 35GBP or $56.50.


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