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Naptown's Girl (@VH1JustRight) in Hip Hop Weekly!

I picked up a couple of magazines yesterday and noticed one of our own, gracing the pages of a Nationally Acclaimed publication entitled Hip Hop Weekly....Have you heard of that?? lol! She attended the Trey Songz Bday Bash in DC, along with a host of other celebs that you and I have heard of. Wale, Amber Rose, Tigger and Ray J amongst others.

Get a load of this, I have worked a couple of fashion shows and talked with this young lady via twitter on several occasion and I cant say that she is anything LESS than professional, cordial and about her business! Check her name out on Media Take Out, she's been mentioned there as well.

Follow miss Ophilia on twitter @VH1JustRight to keep up with her and see where she will be popping up next!! ADIOS!!!

Here is a link to her other posts on this blog.


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