Notable Ones: Tony Dungy

Ever since I was introduced to Tony Dungy, by the Indianapolis (local) media, his work that he performs off of the sideline has been a focal point. I believed him to be a credible, honest, God-fearing, faithful and intelligent individual.

Tony's coaching behaviors even stood out on a national stage, as he brought forth humility, calmness and focus through himself into his actions and post-game interviews. At that time I rendered, what a solid man this is. A man that has the charitable actions to back up the principles and ideals that he "says" he stands for. Even through the tragedy of a lost child (to suicide) his family and him emerged seemingly stronger than before.

Now that Dungy is retired he has been able to be a life coach to some and influence others in a fatherly, wise, missionary type of way, more so than he ever had time to before. The prison ministries, NFL and sports teams all over the nation appreciate and thank him for it. Tony Dungy is well known for his interest and position he took on in Michael Vick's attempt to redeem a football career. Read this article on the New York Times online for more.

Tony Dungy has even penned several books, Quiet Strength (a memoirs of such), UnCommon (how to have a significant attitude and create a significant path). Click here to go to and check out Dungy's books. Tony is an extremely gifted man, willing to put himself on the limb as a moral center or gauge in a place and society where immoral actions and ways are all to second nature. For this, Tony Dungy is a Notable One.


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