Pyramid Love!

Pyramids have been around since the B.C. times. They are rich and full of history, culture and where many of today's references and words came from. Some archaeologists and historians still marvel at how foundations built so many years ago have withstood the test of time and the atrocities of wind, rain and other natural disasters. With that said, I think that pyramids, lend something to modern society about foundation, basics and how mastering the basics, will eventually lead to something larger.

Before there was Albert Einstein and popular people that broke down mathematical equations and formulas. There was a society, that knew enough about mathematics and civil engineering to build pyramids that are still standing, tall and even today. So no matter how the world today tries to put a "negative" spin on pyramids and its symbolism, history tells me that pyramids represent, team work, mathematical advancement, creativity, information, people of color and environment friendly architecture. Now check out some of this pyramidal fashion.


  1. Where can I purchase the blazer from and the dress?

    Excellent journalist skills there Ms. Notable, great job, keep em coming.

    Nina Simone


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