Style Go or Style No?

Dakota Fanning, a very talented young Hollywood actress, just recently turned Sweet 16 and from what I hear, she is loving it. Dakota's style of course has evolved along with her maturity and more pics of her style can be seen here.

But the internet is buzzing about Dakota's 16th birthday casual look where she is wearing the UBER popular ripped leggings, a camel colored cashmere mini, a white 3/4 length sleeve button down, an American Apparel black scarf, Balenciaga bag, gold watch, Doc Martens and a fun girl tiara.

How do you like Dakota's look? Would you wear it, why or why not? What items would you take for your own wardrobe?

I personally think this is a fun and youthful look for her and it's very appropriate for casual street wear.

Source: OMG Yahoo


  1. I love that she is taking chances and not stuck on wanting to be a lil girl forever. I like how she paired a sweet look with the bad girl ripped leggings.

    I want the purse!!

    Nina Simone.


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