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Usher's Fashion Faux Pas!!!

I dont know what convinced Usher to wear leather capris, leg warmers, leather forearm shields and a leather, 6 pack armor, lace up the side "top"(?) but uhh, being married to a stylist, Im sure normally alleviated the previous times, there could have been a bad wardrobe selection made by the mega star.

Seeing as, now they are divorced and I assume he didn't make time to "hire" another qualified stylist, he jacked his whole image, at the All-Star Weekend in Dallas this past Sunday. What are we going to do with Usher? There is something really wrong with what's happening in the industry, right now and I don't know, how much worst these things are gonna get.

**CONFESSION** I dated a guy who wore capris once (approx 6 yrs ago), but hey they weren't "leather", he did NOT have leg warmers on with them, certainly didn't wear a fitted top with it AND he was a model, soooo he knew a lot about fashion? Im just saying, my ex's outfit didnt look like U"r"shers.



    Sorry okay, wth was he or whoever convinced him this was cute.
    Another thing was it me or did he need a oil can.

    As far as your confession - I bet your ex had on some causal capris with boat shoes, something actually stylish.

    Nina Simone !

  2. Nina Simone again,
    I was laughing so hard, I meant to say what was he thinking and if someone else picked it how did they convince him it was the right choice, cause it is not cute !!


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