A Diamond Designer Found In The Rough!!

The world of fashion is often a place where some people are loyal to a few brands and few classic pieces and some fans hop around looking for the hottest, unknown designer and article of clothing. There is also a fan that loves the second-hand purchase or the gratification in buying fashion items with a history and in my opinion, there is a place for every type of fan in my fashion world.

Entertainers, have a perspective of always wanting the "new and unique". People often aspire to be entertainers and therefore the performers must show the people something they haven't seen before.

There is definitely a trend, that I have noticed on entertainers of late. This circular holed tight, stocking or fitting bodice (similar to scuba gear or octopus arms) that has been seen on Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Well, I would like to thank, LaQuan Smith for these wonderful, new, creative, eclectic and very wearable looks. He is the designer behind the BEAUTIFUL MADNESS!! For more info on LaQuan click here.

Thanks to Vogue Icon and Member Yolanda "Yogi T" for the original article :-) Click here for her perspective on LaQuan Smith and Visit Yolanda's blog Autumn Diva Blogspot here.


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